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Nicole Sikorski


Nicole Sikorski is a family and community driven owner, blessed with four amazing children and a loving husband. In recent years Nicole has taken her time to home school her children as well as lead an implementation team for a software company.  The restaurant industry is not a new endeavor for Nicole. She began working at the Northville Five and Dime which her mother owns at the age of 13. By 17 Nicole was handling a majority of the management side; during which she graduated high school and acquired her degree in Business. After graduating Nicole opened her own bakery which she ran until her daughter was born. She then opened a daycare business as well, and finally decided to stop to pursue her passion of being mother.  The kids are now older and stepping back into this industry is something Nicole is more than thrilled about.

The Northville Five and Dime has been in Nicole’s family for decades. The Local Five and Dine and The Northville Five and Dime will now be led by Nicole and an amazing team.  Her goal is to serve the Northville  community and someday see family continue to run these businesses for years to come.