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Evan Luey

Executive Chef

Evan Luey is a Chef found rarely now a days in this industry. Freshly married to the love of his life Mika and a proud father of a beautiful baby girl, his family is his world. Evan has been honing his French American cooking style over the past 11 years by creating and working along side some amazing mentors. He has blended this style of cuisine with unique new age plating techniques, balancing dishes to be eaten as they are plated.  His unique style will set him apart from anything you will find in the Capital Region. He blends techniques and utilizes tools that many Chefs tend to steer away from due to the technicality and patience involved. His calm demeanor and natural ability to lead and flow in a kitchen creates an environment where details and flawless execution come to life. Evan is extremely receptive to creating a unique guest experience by constantly adjusting to seasonal items and building plates requested by his guests. With an endless pool of creativity Chef's mind never ceases to amaze those that get to experience his one of a kind dishes and flavor profiles.